Root canal to save tooth

If you want to know “what root canal therapy is” and “when you need root canal treatment”, read the article carefully.

Signs you need root canal treatment

We all may have experienced a toothache. Toothache is one of the worst and severe kinds of pain there is because it never goes away and just gets worse so, it always needs dental interventions. A severe toothache means that the infection has reached the nerve tissue and it cannot be treated with primary treatments like dental filling because of the depth of infection. So what usually is prescribed for this condition is root canal therapy.

What is root canal therapy?

Root canal therapy, as its name implies, is a treatment for the infected root of the tooth. We have completely described this treatment on our website so for more information, you can take a look at it. So as we said, having pain is the sign of the need for root canal treatment but it has some primary symptoms too; besides the severe pain which is the last and very painful symptom.

root canal is what

If you have any of these signs down below, you need to visit your dentist as soon as possible:

Small hole or darkness on the tooth surface

This will be seen with your own eyes and it can be with or without pain. You have to visit your dentist even if you don’t feel the pain to prevent severe discomfort which begins soon or late.

Swelling around gums or teeth

Generally, the first sign of the infection is swelling around the infected organ, and the tooth is no exception. The gums around the tooth that need root canal therapy becomes red or dark. It may have pain or not.

Swelling or pain around the neck and face

When you touch your neck especially around lymph nodes area in your neck, you feel some pain or you feel that your lymph nodes have become larger than it was before. In case of severe tooth infection, one side of the face near the area of the infected teeth is swollen and painful too.

Abscessed tooth or gums

The abscess is an infected mass caused by bacteria that is filled with pus. It grows on the gums or the root of the teeth. A gum abscess is visible and it is usually because of the infected gums and it can be the sign of the infected tooth too. A tooth abscess is invisible and it is usually with pain which means the root of the teeth is infected and needs root canal treatment.

root canal is it painful

Long-lasting sensitivity to heat and cold

A lot of people have sensitive teeth that hurt when it faces something cold. But in the case of infected root of the teeth, that sensitivity is abnormal. It remains for a long time and turns into pain. In this condition, as soon as you eat or drink something hot or cold (especially cold), the tooth hurts so much that you can’t continue to eat or drink anymore for several minutes.

Feeling pain in teeth when using them

Feeling pain in teeth when chewing or pressing them on each other is another sign that says you need a root canal treatment. Sometimes people ignore this sign and consider it a temporary sensitivity. But the bad news is this condition is the beginning of the final severe pain. So take it seriously.

Feeling like your tooth is pulsing

This sign can be with or without pain. If it happens with pain, there is almost no doubt that the teeth nerves are going to die. If it occurs without any pain, the reason may be the sinus pressure or other medical problems. In these situations, don’t risk it and visit your dentist to prevent immense pain.

Having a toothache that comes and goes

Most of the people ignore this kind of a pain because it relives after some days and they endure it until that time. But the truth is these days are dedicated to killing the nerve of the tooth and the final severe pain begins soon. So if you have any pain even mild, visit your dentist.

root canal treatment

The final note:

So we have brought all of the signs but there is one thing left to say. Sometimes needing root canal therapy doesn’t have any sign! Your tooth seems to be healthy but the truth is upside down. We don’t want to scare you; we just try to recommend you to visit your dentist at least one time a year to check everything about your oral cavity because we all know that prevention is better than cure. However, if you need a cure, root canal therapy will help you to get rid of the toothache and save your tooth. This saved tooth can work like other teeth for the rest of your life.

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