How to increase IVF success rate?

With the help of IVF, infertility is meaningless nowadays. However, when it’s talking about IVF, everyone thinks the process is so complicated and there is a fact that we cannot change the result under no condition. But it’s not true.

The result of IVF is not out of your control

With the help of in vitro fertilization (IVF), infertility is meaningless nowadays. The process is done in the laboratory by professional doctors. So when it’s talking about IVF, everyone thinks the process is so complicated and there is a fact that we cannot change the result under no condition. But it’s not true. So here are some tips about IVF that you should know.

This event is obvious that choosing a professional hospital and doctor will completely work but also there are some things you can do beyond all of this to help your doctor and yourself actually. So here are some tips about IVF that you should know. We preferred not to categorize them as before, during and after the process. They are all necessary at the whole cycle of IVF but we mentioned for each tip the best and effective time.

Reduce your BMI before proceeding for IVF

A woman’s BMI (body mass index) should ideally be between 20 and 25. If it’s too high it will definitely affect your IVF result. But remember you have to lose weight slowly. So you can estimate how many months you need to lose weight, then start planning for IVF.    

Do not drink and smoke to increase IVF success rate

Due to scientist’s reports, alcohol and nicotine will reduce IVF’s chance by 50% and it’s a large percentage. But sometimes some patients complain about quitting these. They say that these habits are their anti-stress ones and with the help of these habits they can be relaxed. In this case, we suggest some exercises that have been mentioned in this text as a separate tip. So please quit drinking and smoking at least 2 months before IVF.

Eat organic food before IVF

As you know organic food is some kind of food with no harmful chemicals in it and they are so helpful for IVF.  But you may have a problem to find them. In this case, you can eat food that enhances fertility such as whole grains, nuts, and seeds. Besides these eggs, caviar and fish will be so helpful too. Food plays a very important role in the whole IVF cycle but it’s better to start eating these food 1-2 months before IVF.

Sleep well for having a successful IVF

Sleeping well is always necessary but its importance is at its highest level at 2 weeks before IVF.  It’s vital to make sure women and of course, their partner is getting enough sleep. Because the quality of sleep will affect sex hormones and sperm production and quantity.

Detox your body to get ready for IVF

Detox can be a good choice to get rid of all toxins in your body. Speak with a local specialist or a nutritionist to find some detoxifying food in food stores or drugstores. It’s better to do it 3days before IVF.

Talk to a professional counselor

IVF can be a stressful procedure and you need to stay calm during that. Your mind definitely affects your health so it will be so useful to choose a counselor and visit him/her regularly.

Do light exercises at home

Exercising is a useful activity to reduce your stress and also helps you keep yourself in good shape. But remember you have to avoid heavy exercises such as Pilates or any types of push-ups seriously. Heavy exercises can cause implantation failure. So try meditation, yoga, walking, and light daily exercises. So take exercising seriously and do it at the whole cycle of IVF.

Having sex after IVF

The fertility experts are not unanimous about this one but some studies have found that having sex after IVF can improve the chance of conception because of releasing natural hormones during sex. Also, it can reduce the anxiety of you and your partner. It will also help you to continue your happy relationship. But counsel your fertility expert and get his/her opinion before going ahead.

So all these tips can be useful if they are done properly and at their best time. But before all of these, you should know that IVF is a time-consuming process that needs your patience. So chose your best expert, keep calm and start your IVF journey.     

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