How denture works!

Elderly patients have to continue the rest of their life with denture so it is normal that there are a lot of questions needed to be answered about this treatment. Here we have selected the most important questions here and a dentist has answered them

Top 5 questions patients ask about denture

The denture has changed a lot of lives especially of seniors who suffer from not having teeth in their mouths at all. Tooth loss causes physical and also psychological problems including jaw bone resorption, gum shrinking and losing self-confidence which is more serious. Also Losing teeth can cause facial muscles to droop and make a person look older than they are so by using dentures, the face will look younger too.

This device has different types that one of them is a complete denture which is usually the best choice for seniors. So everybody can use it due to any reason. Elderly patients have to continue the rest of their life with denture so it is normal that there are a lot of questions needed to be answered about this treatment. So we have selected the most important questions here that have been searched on the internet or we have heard them from our patients.  

I sound funny when I speak with my denture, Why?

Although denture looks and works just like real teeth anyway it is considered as a foreign object so patients need time to get used to it. Before this time some patients feel very embarrassed talking with this device. Whistling sound while forming certain words especially “s” words is a usual problem that needs more time and effort to be solved. You need to know that this problem is neither your denture fault nor yours. It is completely a normal thing and it is only because of the denture’s structure. What you should do is to challenge yourself and practice to say the difficult words in private until you feel comfortable to say them.  

why denture breaks in the middle

Will denture break?

Dentures are made of very strong materials so they can’t break easily but if you don’t take good care of them it may chip or even brake. Damaging to the denture mostly happens when patients want to brush it and drop it on the sink accidentally. To prevent this from happening, clean your denture over a sink filled with water or lay down a towel on the counter to avoid damage if you drop them.

What is a denture relining? When do I need it?

Over time, the shape of the mouth and gums changes naturally and denture doesn’t fit anymore. So it will get loose and patients feel uncomfortable to continue using their denture. This is the time for denture relining. During this process, the same materials used in denture will be added to the lower part of the denture which faces the gums and sits on them. By this, the denture will get fixed again and can function properly.

The time of needing to reline differs from patient to patient and depends on the condition of the gums but it should occur, at most, every two years. But generally, if you are feeling your denture is loose and doesn’t fit right, it is the time for denture relining.

denture when sleeping

Can I use denture when sleeping?

This is the question that had a different answer in the past so it has been a little confusing but we get you out of confusion. Dentists have highly banned patients from wearing dentures during sleep (especially complete denture which is normally used for seniors) for two important reasons:

  • Gums need to rest at least 8 hours a day to moderate the pressure during the day. So by wearing denture at night, this rest time is taken from gums and this changes to gum inflammation overtime.
  • Also, denture increases the bacteria of the mouth due to its structure so it is advisable to remove it during the night to decrees the chance of mouth infection. So please do not wear your denture during sleep!   

Is there any food needs to be avoided while wearing a denture?

Eating food by the help of denture is different from eating with natural teeth and patients need some learning to do. They should avoid sticky, hard and very hot food while using denture because it can damage the denture easily. Remember that chewing gum of any brand you use is prohibited too. Sticky food gets stuck between the teeth of the denture and the acrylic plate of it and cleaning it is so hard and time-consuming.  

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