Breast augmentation surgery vs Breast lift surgery

In this article, we are going to talk to you about the main differences between the breast lift and breast implant surgery.

Which breast surgery is best for me? Breast augmentation or breast lift?

You are probably thinking about boob job as an effective way to improve your self-esteem and boost your sense of femininity. It also makes you look more attractive in swimsuits! Despite why and when you do breast surgery, you will never regret doing it. However, are you sure you are going for the right breast surgery?

There is more than one way to improve the appearance of breasts. While most people consider breast surgery equivalent to a breast implant or breast augmentation surgery, there is another way to improve the appearance of the breast, which is called breast lift surgery.

Breast lift surgery involves tightening the skin and tissues around the breast muscle, helping to improve the natural contour of the breast and reduce its sagging. Although both surgeries are classified in the group of breast enhancement surgeries, they each have their own characteristics, including the way they are performed and their final results.

breast lift vs breast implant

Quick tips: Breast lift or breast implants?

  • Although breast implants focus on enlarging and tightening the breasts, breast lift surgery focuses on correcting the sagging breast.
  • Both surgeries are performed in a similar way, with the only difference being in the surgical incisions.
  • Breast lift surgery has more natural results in terms of vision and touch, but if you want to make a dramatic change, it’s best to choose a breast implant.
  • Breast lift surgery is suitable for women whose breasts already have sufficient volume and tissue.
  • You can have both breast lift surgery and breast augmentation surgery at the same time.
  • Breast implant surgery can also lift your breasts to some extent, but you need to perform breast lift surgery to address mild to severe droopiness.

What is the difference between a breast lift and breast implant surgery?

Usually, women who want to change the size and shape of their breasts choose breast augmentation surgery using an implant. But for some people, breast size is not important. They are only bothered when their breasts become saggy as a result of aging, extreme weight loss, breastfeeding, or gravity. This is why plastic surgeons have developed ways to lift breasts without increasing their size. This surgery is known as breast lift surgery or mastopexy. While breast augmentation surgery focuses on the shape and size of the breasts, breast lift surgery focuses on lifting them without altering the size and volume of the breasts.

How breast augmentation surgery is carried out?

Breast augmentation surgery involves placing silicone or saline implants under the breast tissue or under the muscles of the breast. The incisions through which the implant is inserted can be under the crease of the breast, in the armpit or around the colored part around the nipple (areola). The shape and size of implants can vary. The surgery takes about 1 to 2 hours in which the patient is under general anesthesia. If breast implants are to be done with the breast lift, it takes more time.

How breast lift surgery is carried out?

In contrast to the breast implant that enlarges the breast, the excess breast skin is removed in the breast lift surgery and changes in the shape of the breast tissue occur. The surgeon may also change the location of the nipple and areola to make the breast looking better. Surgical incisions are made either on the upper edge of the areola (crescent lift) or around the areola (peri-areolar lift), sometimes with a vertical incision.

Breast lift recovery

Recovery after breast implant compared with recovery after breast lift

Breast Implant recovery process

The recovery period after breast augmentation surgery is about 6 weeks and you may experience dizziness immediately after surgery due to the effect of the anesthetics. The pain after this surgery is controlled with the help of painkillers and you will usually be discharged from the hospital on the same day.

In some cases, the drainage tubes are attached to the breasts to drain blood and excess fluid. You may also be advised to use a surgical bra. Depending on whether your sutures are dissolvable or not, you may need to see a doctor remove the sutures. In about a week you can resume your daily activities. However, vigorous activity should be stopped for 5 to 6 weeks after surgery.

Breast lift recovery process

Recovery after breast lift surgery is about the same as breast augmentation surgery, though its duration is slightly shorter. It is also possible that the drainage tubes will be attached to the breasts to remove excess fluid. For about a week after surgery, some pain and discomfort are expected that is manageable.

Dissolvable sutures are commonly used in this surgery. In other cases, you may need to see your doctor for removing the sutures. Just like breast implant surgery, it is usually advisable to use surgical bra. Patients can return to their normal activities after one week, but you should avoid activities that may hurt your breasts, such as golf or tennis for 4 to 6 weeks.

breast augmentation result

Results after breast implant compared with results after breast lift

Breast implant

The final results of breast augmentation surgery vary depending on the type, size and method of inserting implants. Overall, breast implants make the breasts look fuller and more attractive. You see after your surgery that your clothes, especially in the chest area fit better. Usually, breast implant surgery can lift your breasts to some extent, but in severe breast droopiness, you will need breast lift surgery in addition to breast implants.

Breast lift

Breast lift surgery addresses the drooping breasts and gives them a youthful, fit look. You can see these results immediately after surgery. From the same day of breast lift surgery you can see that the breast sagging has diminished, the nipples are in the right position, and the appearance of the breasts has been improved. Although surgical results would be highly desirable for women who already have full but drooping breasts, remember that breast lift surgery cannot increase breast size.

How natural are the results after these two surgeries?

Breast lift

Both breast lift and breast implants can have natural results if done appropriately. However, the results of breast lift surgery are somewhat more natural and subtler. Breast lift surgery should be considered as a way to rejuvenate the breast and restore its firmness without making much difference to the breast. The breast tissue after this surgery is the same as before and does not differ, because no external tissue like breast implants is added to the breast.

breast lift result

Breast implant

Although most women choose breast implants to achieve dramatic results, this method can also have natural results if you want to. Some implants, such as gummy bear implants, are similar to natural breast tissue and do not rupture easily. How the implant is positioned can also contribute to the natural results of this surgery. Another factor to consider is the size of the implant, which should fit your overall body size.

During your consultation, you can talk to your surgeon about how natural you want the results to be. Your surgeon will make the best decision about making your surgical outcome closer to your expectations by assessing your breast condition and hearing what your expectations are for surgery.

How long will the results of each surgery last?

Breast implant

The firmness and volume of saline and silicone breast implants can last from 10 to 20 years. Breast implants have no expiration date and only need to be replaced if they are ruptured or deflate. The implants used today are extremely durable and are not ruptured easily. You can go for breast and implant examinations every year to see if they need replacement.

Breast lift

The results of breast lift or mastopexy are of high durability. Giving birth and weight fluctuations can have a negative effect on the outcome of this surgery. Also remember that in all people, even those who have undergone breast lift surgery, gravity can result in breast droopiness in the long run. You can maintain positive results for a long time by following a healthy lifestyle, strengthening your chest muscles and avoiding weight fluctuations.

breast augmentation recovery

Scarring after breast implant compared with breast lift surgery

In both breast augmentation and breast lift surgery, a series of surgical incisions are required. These incisions usually cause scarring; however, their location is usually much hidden. Most patients report that they do not even know where the surgical incisions were made.

In general, the severity of scars depends on the type and location of the surgical incisions. Because breast augmentation surgery, unlike breast lift, rarely requires vertical incisions, the resulting scars are much smaller than breast lift. In breast lift surgery, a cut around the areola (periareolar) causes the least visible scar. You can minimize scarring by avoiding sun exposure, quitting smoking, using restorative creams, as well as vitamin E.

Which surgery has the least risks?

Like other types of surgery, both breast augmentation and breast lift surgery can be associated with risks and complications. Overall, breast lift surgery has fewer complications. Because breast implant surgery, in addition to the complications associated with the surgery itself, can also have complications associated with a breast implant. These include:

  • Movement of the implant
  • Implant rupture
  • Capsular contraction

Today, most implants are FDA-approved and have 100% safety. So if you are undergoing surgery at a reputable clinic, by a certified surgeon, you can be assured of the safety of breast implants.

breast lift result

Which surgery is best for me?

It is very difficult to find an answer to this question. Breasts can be of different sizes and shapes, and your expectations and needs can vary greatly. That’s why an experienced plastic surgeon can be your most reliable source to find out which procedure is best for you. You can also find out which surgery is best for you using the following instructions.

Do breast implants if:

  • You want bigger breasts.
  • You have asymmetric breasts that need to be corrected.
  • You want a bigger cleavage.
  • You want firmer breasts.
  • You have had significant weight loss.

Do breast lift if:

  • Your breasts are severely sagging.
  • You want more natural results.
  • You want to improve the appearance of your breasts but don’t want to change the volume of your breasts.
  • You’ve had significant weight loss
  • Your nipples point downward.

Sometimes you may need to combine two surgical procedures to get the best results. If you want full breasts and at the same time you want to lift your sagging breast, your surgeon offers a combination of two surgical methods to get the best outcome.

Breast lift vs. breast implants cost

One of the most common questions for people who are considering breast surgery is which one is more expensive. The fact is that the price of these two surgeries is not much different. In the US, breast augmentation surgery costs between $ 8,000 and $ 15,000, and breast lift surgery costs between $ 9,000 and $ 16,000. If you plan to have this surgery in the form of medical tourism, the Medgo team will link you with the most advanced clinics at an incredible price.

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