Best place for plastic surgery abroad

In this article, we are going to introduce Iran as the best place for plastic surgery abroad , but why is Iran a good destination for medical and cosmetic surgeries and services? Why is rhinoplasty so popular in Iran? And which cosmetic surgeries in Iran are more popular in health tourism?

Which country should I travel to for cosmetic surgeries?

These days many people travel to foreign countries to receive medical treatments or cosmetic surgeries . High medical costs in the US and European countries have made applicants look for cheaper ways to get these services. The important point is that when it comes to health and beauty, health tourists do not select the destination because of low prices only. In choosing the right destination, they always consider things like the doctor’s experience and knowledge, the quality of the hospital, and the health and safety of the destination country along with the costs. This has led countries such as India, Iran , Mexico, Malaysia, and Turkey to become new tourist destinations since the turn of the century.

iran health tourism
Pasargadae tomb and necropolis, Iran

Why is Iran a good destination for health tourism?

Iran is one of the most historic countries in the world and full of spectacular attractions. Persepolis, the beautiful and historic city of Isfahan, the steep and mountainous cities, deserts and hills, the world’s oldest forests, the beautiful island of Kish and the Persian Gulf are Iran’s most famous attractions, attracting many tourists from all over the world.

The advances in technology, scientific and medical innovations and the development of health infrastructure in Iran over the past two decades have been so significant that they have attracted worldwide attention. For this reason, tourists who previously traveled to Iran for visits to natural, cultural and historical beauties are now traveling to Iran for medical and cosmetic services . According to statistics provided by the Iranian Ministry of Health, more than 500,000 foreign patients visited Iran last year.

The Iranian people’s interest in cosmetic surgeries has led to an increase in the number of specialist physicians in the field of cosmetic surgery and their experiences as well. So with plastic surgery in Iran, you will surely have the experience of the best doctors in the world. Surgery performed by experienced and trained physicians in specialized clinics with the latest advanced equipment. What’s better than that ?!

The next attractive factor is the dramatic difference in the cost of health and beauty services in Iran compared to other countries around the world. The low value of the Rial against the Dollar has made Iran’s health care at an unbelievable price. This factor, along with the quality of services provided, is the main reason for medical tourists’ confidence in Iran.

nose job in iran
Nose job in Iran

Why do I need to do nose surgery in Iran?

Iran is known as the capital of rhinoplasty in the world with about 7 times more nose jobs than the United States. More than 150,000 nose surgeries are performed in Iran annually and have the highest satisfaction with the outcome. On the other hand, a large number of nose surgeries in Iran have made you more likely to choose an experienced physician.

The cost of nasal surgery in Iran is at least 60 percent lower than in the United States and at least 30 percent less than the European and Arab countries. The agencies providing health tourism services plan a seven-day extensive itinerary for nose work in Iran. This itinerary will include a medical visa, hotel, airport transfer, city transfers, doctor’s visit, surgery, and postoperative care.

Rhinoplasty is tailored to the client’s needs, including bone, cartilage, and nasal septum repair for optimal aesthetic and therapeutic results. Rhinoplasty is performed in two main ways, known as closed technique (intra-nasal incision) and open technique (incision in nasal bridge or columella). The decision that your doctor will make about the technique and corrections you need for your nose depends entirely on the structure of your nose and its problems.

In advanced and specialized clinics in Iran, besides professional and friendly consultation with the patient, it is possible to choose the final shape of the nose, its features, and size. Also, the modern technology used by Iranian physicians will help the patient to perform surgery according to race, sex, and age and have a proper picture of the end result before surgery.

best place for plastic surgery abroad
Iran as the best place for plastic surgery abroad

Is Iran the best place for plastic surgery abroad?

Iran is one of the oldest countries in the world of plastic surgery. The reputation of experienced Iranian specialists has spread so widely around the world that some well-known individuals have traveled to Iran for plastic surgery. In addition to nasal cosmetic surgery, various types of ear and nose reconstructive surgeries, breast lift, forehead, eyebrow, eyelid, face and body lift, liposuction, abdominal surgery, non-surgical treatments such as gel, Botox, and fillers injections and other high-quality health and cosmetic services are also offered in Iran. One of the most important goals of medical tourism is to receive beauty services that fortunately have a good bed in Iran.

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