Why Dental Implants?

If you feel ashamed for smiling or know somebody around you suffer from this problem, first read this text then share it. Here are 7 proofs which show that dental implants are the most proper option for the replacement of the missing tooth.

7 proven benefits of having a dental implant

Have you ever noticed why some happy people around you never smile? Perhaps you think they pretend to be happy or they suffer from depression or very sophisticated mental problems!! No. they just suffer from missing teeth which completely affects the smile. So these people don’t have the self-confidence to smile and prefer not to do it. But there is nothing to be worried about. Because we have some treatment for this problem and one of them is dental implants.

A dental implant gives the most natural look

Dental implants structures look like natural teeth. They have some metal pins instead of the roots of the teeth and when these pins are screwed to the gums, 2 to 3 months are needed for the gums to accept these pins. In these months, the pins will be surrounded by bones and gums so, everything goes like how natural teeth function. It has a natural crown too that is close to the color of the teeth and even the material is the same. So what is the result of all of these? Having an artificial tooth that completely looks like the natural one.

A dental implant provides Long-lasting results

Among all of the treatments for missing teeth, the dental implant has shown the highest degree of durability. Because of the structure and function, the result is long-lasting. Of course, it depends on oral hygiene too, but it is guaranteed if the material is good and the dental implant is taken care of enough, it can last for the rest of your life without any problems. 

A dental implant has the least complication

Like any treatment, a dental implant has its own complications too, but they are low in numbers in comparison to other treatments. For example, there is no need for removing the enamel of your natural tooth-like in dental bridges and do not involve with other teeth. Also, the complications don’t cause major problems and can reach zero by the expertise of your dentist and yourself by doing your oral hygiene routines.

A dental implant has the highest success rate

The results have shown that most of the time dental implants can be done for any patients even who don’t have strong bones in their jaws. By doing some other treatment like bone grafting this problem which is the most common one and doesn’t let dental implants be done, can be solved too. So as you can see there is almost no limitation for this treatment. There is the word “almost” because sometimes in very special conditions that are not common, it’s better not to have dental implants and this can be determined just by your dentist. 

A dental implant solves problems in chewing and speaking

Problems in chewing and speaking are one of the most common reasons that patients run from the replacement of the missing teeth but it’s not true about dental implants. In this treatment, the structures of dental implants are anchored to the jaw just like a natural tooth so it doesn’t move and get loose. So speaking and eating can be done as comfortable as natural teeth.

A dental implant prevents bone resorption

The bone of the jaws is the place of the roots and when there are no roots because of missing teeth, the bone gradually becomes smaller and causes bone resorption . So by the artificial roots that dental implants provide, this problem will be solved an even the bone of jaw will be strengthened too.

A dental implant prevents tooth shifting

When there is a space between teeth especially because of the lost tooth, the bite changes to make up for the lost tooth and the remaining teeth may shift and move. This problem can cause major issues too. You may need braces and this causes extra expenses. Dental implants have an artificial root and crown and because of functioning like the natural teeth, it reduces the risk of tooth shifting to zero. 

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