Erfan Hospital

Erfan Hospital, as one of the best private hospitals in Iran, provides a wide range of medical services at the highest quality level. The aim of this medical center is to provide medical services and nursing care in accordance with international standards, and in this regard, experienced and specialized Iranian doctors and surgeons have been recruited.


Erfan Hospital is one of the largest private hospitals in Iran. This hospital covers various specialized fields. For this reason, it is possible to accept all outpatient, inpatient and emergency patients.


This hospital has prioritized the satisfaction and comfort of patients because it believes that this will have a great impact on the patient’s recovery process. For this reason, it tries to provide all the needs of patients in a calm environment.


Erfan Hospital was started in 2005 to provide advanced medical and care services. This hospital has 240 inpatient beds and 70 special beds in an area of ​​20,000 square meters on 8 floors.


Among the outstanding honors and titles of this hospital, we can point out that it has been rated first class excellent according to the evaluation of the Ministry of Health for three consecutive years.


Erfan Hospital considers it its mission to provide advanced services in a calm, dynamic and efficient environment based on human values, and keeping pace with global standards in providing medical services and establishing the hospital’s position at the highest medical level in the country is also the vision of this hospital.


پذیرش بیمارستان عرفان

The clinic department was also launched in the same year 2015, and currently 100 of Iran’s top professors and specialists are providing services there. The specialties of the Erfan hospital clinic department include: internal medicine, lung, heart, gastroenterology, infectious disease, nephrology, neurology, psychiatry, oncology, skin, ear, nose and throat, eye, neurosurgery, urology, orthopedics, spine, gynecology and Delivery, laser and beauty, audiometry, children and babies, pain and ostomy wound.