Nikan Hospital

Nikan hospital complex is ready to serve domestic and foreign patients by using the most advanced facilities. This complex includes Nikan Aqdasiyeh, Nikan Niayesh, Nikan Gharb, Nikan Sharq hospitals, Nikan Limited and Outpatient Surgery Center and Nikan Virtual Hospital.

Nikan Aqdasiye Hospital was established with the aim of being customer-oriented and patient-centered, along with improving the health of the society, and with a new goal in which the patient was considered a member of the Nikan family. This hospital continues to operate using the most advanced facilities and the most skilled doctors on the basis of goodwill.

Nikan Niayesh Hospital, one of the branches of Nikan Hospitals, is trying to take steps to provide safe and effective health care services in specialized and super-specialized areas after the completion of construction and operation. These services will be provided with high quality in the shortest possible time regardless of age, sex, race, color, religion or social status of people. This hospital has ICU and CCU departments, an ICU-OH department and a POSTCATH department and is equipped with the most up-to-date facilities and imaging devices in the world such as radiology, CT Scan, ultrasound, bone densitometry and MRI in this hospital and is ready to serve Dear patients. Nikan Niayesh Hospital has a public parking lot, a pharmacy, and a cafeteria, which provides comfortable travel and accommodation for all patients.

With the aim of improving patients, Nikan Gharb Hospital provides safe, effective health-treatment services free of any racial, gender and religious discrimination for its dear clients and clients.

Nikan Sharq Hospital has 250 beds, including over 60 special surgical beds, internal beds, cardiac care beds and special beds for babies. Nikan Sharq Hospital has ICU and CCU departments and uses all modern imaging equipments such as MRI, CT Scan, ultrasound, bone density measurement and radiology to provide the best services to its patients. This hospital includes an ICU-OH department and There is also a POSTCATH section.


Nikan limited and ambulatory surgery center has started working due to the high importance of vision as one of the most important members of human communication with the surrounding world and the importance of using the most advanced equipment and providing the best services in this department. In this center, the most up-to-date technologies in the world and the latest devices are used in order to improve the general health of patients.

Nikan Virtual Hospital provides medical, nursing, laboratory, check-up, follow-up after discharge, physiotherapy, rental or sale of medical equipments, imaging and health tourism.