Razavi Hospital

Razavi Hospital in Mashhad provides the most advanced medical diagnostic and treatment services for patients inside and outside the country and by employing prominent doctors and researchers of medical sciences inside and outside the country, it provides its services at the highest level.

The goals of Razavi Hospital in Mashhad are to improve the level of medical science in addition to providing quality medical services to Iranian and foreign patients.

Despite its short-term operation, Razavi Hospital won the first-class title and then won the first-class excellent title for several years in a row. This collection also has a national quality award in its successful portfolio. In addition, Razavi Hospital of Mashhad obtained the ACI Diamond Certificate in 2013 and the Diamond Certificate in 2015. It is important to mention that the first general hospital in the country to receive this valid certificate is Razavi Hospital of Mashhad

اتاق عمل بیمارستان رضویRazavi Hospital uses the best medical staff by hiring Iranian and foreign scientific and elite forces. Also, this hospital tries to use the most advanced treatment methods to provide its services. This hospital has organized more than 153 congresses, international and national conferences and educational workshops in order to improve the scientific level of the country’s medicine until the end of 2015, one of the most important of which is the International Cardiac Surgery Congress, which has been held annually since 2008.

Annual International Health Tourism Congress of Islamic Countries, International Road Accident Congress, International Epilepsy Congress, International Gastrointestinal Cancer Congress, International Neurosurgery Symposium, International Stroke Congress, International Neurotherma Congress, International Proctology Congress, Congress International Anxiety Congress, International Congress of Echocardiography, International Congress of Professional Communication in Hospital Centers are among other congresses held in the hospital.