Valiasr International Hospital

Valiasr International Hospital in Tabriz is the largest and most equipped private hospital in northwest Iran. This hospital, which started its operation in 2013, is considered a general hospital that provides medical services in most branches of medicine..

All 300 beds for patients in this hospital are privately located in a separate room, and in addition, patients and their companions will be able to benefit from VIP services. This hospital has 10 operating rooms with very modern equipments. Valiasr International Hospital of Tabriz has prepared other additional facilities such as stores, restaurants, pharmacies and workshops for the well-being of patients and their companions..

Valiasr International Hospital of Tabriz was established from the beginning to provide high-quality services to Iranian and foreign patients and is currently considered one of the hubs for providing modern medical services to foreign patients. Many patients from Iran’s neighboring countries choose this hospital because of its up-to-date facilities, quality services and a very suitable environment for treating their illnesses.

This hospital has various departments including: Cardiology, Physiotherapy, Gynecology, Obstetrics, Nuclear Medicine, Pediatrics, Dentistry, Forensic Neurology, Laser and Aesthetics, Internal Orthopedics, Psychology, Neurosurgery, Heart Surgery, General Surgery, nutrition, Otolaryngology, sleep disorders, urology, dialysis, oncology, radiotherapy, gastroenterologist, as well as laboratory and imaging departments.