Botox injection

Botox which is short for botulinum toxin is an injection that aims to prevent the contraction of the muscles of the facial expressions, which cause the appearance of wrinkles with age, to reduce the signs of skin aging.  

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Length of stay

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Length of procedure

5 to 10 Minutes

What is Botox injection?

With skin aging, wrinkles appear in the skin above the cheeks, in the forehead area, in the neck and lower jawline, and sides of the eyes. The reason is that collagen tissues and skin elasticity have been damaged over the years. Also, exposure of the skin to sunlight causes accumulated damage to the skin tissue. The wrinkles can make a person look tired or angry. Botox works by temporarily paralyzing the muscles that cause wrinkles. Botox is a neurotoxin that is extracted from bacteria called Clostridium botulinum. Botox injections lead to stopping the effect of electrical signals transmitted by the nerve to the muscle fibers, and therefore the muscle does not contract. Botox injections cannot correct skin damage and wrinkles caused by sun exposure, as Botox can correct damage caused by tissue weakness and muscle contraction on the face. This procedure is performed for aesthetic purposes. Mostly among women who want a younger look. Most injections are used to treat horizontal wrinkles on the forehead, sides of the eyes and the sides of the mouth. Botox can also be used to treat the appearance of the gum, excessive sweating, deep lines on the neck and migraines.

• Individuals who want to have a younger appearance but they do not want to undergo a surgical procedure. • People worried about visible signs of aging.

Before performing Botox injections, there is a need to conduct a consultative meeting, during which the doctor will agree with the patient on the area that will be treated, according to the type of skin, thickness, texture, wrinkles depth and patient desire. Mostly there is no need for additional pre-screening. Injections are made under local anesthesia of the skin with an ointment, or sometimes without the need for anesthesia. Intravenous injections may be required when the case requires injection of several areas of the face. Patients who take medications, especially aspirin or other anti-inflammatory drugs, must inform the doctor. They may be asked to stop taking these medications for a certain period before injecting Botox. It is recommended not to drink alcohol for at least several days before the injection. There is no need for fasting.

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Duration of results
Usually 6 months but depends on individuals
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Potential risks
Swelling and pain
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No scar

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