Dental Bridge

Dental bridge is a kind of prosthetic device which can fill the gap between one or more teeth. It is made up of two crowns on both sides and one or more false teeth (pontics) between.

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Length of stay

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Length of procedure

30 Minutes to 1 Hour

What is dental bridge?

During the life, several problems affect person’s health which one of them is missing one or more teeth. So as lots of people's self confidence usually comes from their appearance, tooth loose may affect person’s smile and also self confidence. One of the ways to fill the teeth gap is a dental bridge. In addition to modifying the appearance and beautify the smile, the bridges help the patient to chew food better and talk more clearly. Also, while closing the mouth, they help the person to put the jaws on each other that will prevent teeth wrong movements and distribute a uniform pressure between both jaws.

• Patients looking to restore the appearance and function of their dentures. • Good candidates are those who have strong healthy teeth on either side of the tooth gap.

The number of appointments depends on the type of bridge. Usually it needs two visits with two weeks interval.

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Mild or non
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Duration of results
The results are generally long lasting (5 to 15 years)
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Potential risks
Soreness, inflammation or pain, minor infection
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No scar

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