Dental Veneer or Laminate

Dental veneer or laminate is a thin layer of dental material that covers the front surface of the tooth and it can be made from resin composite or dental porcelain.

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Length of stay

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Length of procedure

1 to 2 Hours

What is dental veneer or laminate?

In personal and social communications, a pretty smile plays an important role in people’s success. Healthy and white teeth have a great effect on people’s smiles. On the other side, discolored and irregular teeth, create an undesirable image in the audience’s mind, unconsciously and indirectly affects success negatively. Try dental laminate veneer to restore a perfect smile. The natural look of dental veneer or laminate is very important and it highly depends on dentist elegance and expert. A dental veneer can provide different tooth colors that people can choose the best one with the dentist's supervision.

• Patients with discolored or stained teeth • Patients with worn-down teeth • Patients with chipped teeth • Patients with irregular or misaligned or malposed teeth • Patients need to fill gaps between teeth • Adults who want a more beautiful smile

Dental veneer often takes three treatment sessions to complete the dental veneer treatment, including diagnosis, treatment planning, preparation for the treatment and paste. The first session is for examination and two others are for making and applying the veneer. It is essential to be an active partner in planning and designing your new smile. You need to understand the limitations and capabilities of the dental laminate procedure for repair. If necessary, refer to more than one dentist, to feel safe, and to explain to the dentist the goals and objectives that you aspire to achieve through this treatment. To prepare your teeth for dental veneer, your teeth are softly brushed, so you can better absorb the thin dental material. All dental problems and diseases must be treated before this treatment.

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Mild or non
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Duration of results
The results are generally long lasting (10 to 20 years)
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Potential risks
Maybe soreness for first days, Maybe some more sensitivity
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No scar

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