Sex Reassignment Surgery

Sex Reassignment Surgery

A lot of people in the whole world suffer from being what they don’t want to be or not being what their body desires to be. In the past there was absolutely no way for them to live a happy life but now with sex reassignment surgery it is absolutely no problem for the people to choose their own gender. They can go through this surgery starting with hormone therapy to changes that should be done in their appearance. Depending on the change to be a female or male surgeries are completely different. It is really important to choose the most professional medical team to help a patient to go through this hard path with least problem.

Who is a good candidate?

• People who suffer from being what they don’t want to be or not being what their body desires to be

Types of Sex Reassignment Surgery

Changing from female to male include:

Genital Reassignment surgeries:

• Removal of the vagina

• Creation of a scrotum and testicular implants (scrotoplasty)

• Creation of a penis

However, the term Sex Reassignment Surgery for Transgender men can also include:

• Mastectomy: resizing breasts to a smaller one

• Hysterectomy: removing the uterus

• Oophorectomy: removing the ovaries

• Salpingectomy: removing the fallopian tubes

• Vaginectomy: removing all or part of the vagina

• Urethroplasty: reconstructing the urethra

• Glansplasty: constructing the glans penis, or the ‘head of the penis’, which is the sensitive and bulbous structure at the tip of the penis

• Penile Implant: inserting a prosthetic containing a substance that will serve as a replacement for the spongy tissue inside a penis that normally fills with blood during an erection

Changing from male to female include:

• Tracheal Shave: reducing cartilage in the, also known as Adam’s Apple Removal

• Breast Augmentation: optimizing the size, shape, and texture to a more feminine look

• Buttock Augmentation: altering the size, shape, and texture of the buttocks to a more feminine look

• Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS): Hormone therapy with surgeries to enhance the female characterization

• Body Sculpting: enhance the female characterization by evening fatty tissue deposits, reducing localized excess, and providing the desired feminization of the body

• Hair Grafting


Before the procedure

There is a big responsibility for the team of medical professionals to confirm that this surgery is a suitable thing for the patient. There will be several courses of consultation to confirm mental stability and total physical stability. After the confirmation, the medical team will put all their efforts to help the patient to be treated as easy as possible. It is a long process so the patient has to be really strong. Before any surgery a whole course of hormone therapy will be done. Patients should stop taking Aspirin and anti-inflammatory medicines at least 2 weeks before every surgery. Patients should stop smoking few weeks before and after each surgery. For each surgery the surgeon takes medical history of the patient.

During the procedure

Each surgery has a different approach from other ones.

After the procedure

Because the treatments will be different in different people, so the medical team will give the considerations completely after each surgery. People have to continue their consultation courses through this difficult time until they get used to everything.


Probable scars



Duration of results


Potential risks

Soreness, swelling or pain, scars, infections and bleeding

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