Hollywood Smile Makeover or Smile Design

Smile Design or Hollywood smile Makeover is a cosmetic process in dentistry that makes your teeth shiny and white and adds to their beauty.

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What is a Hollywood Smile Makeover or Smile Design?

The effect of a beautiful smile on our appearance and confidence is none of us, and in recent years the field of cosmetic dentistry has witnessed significant advances. Smiling is one of the primary ways to communicate with others. The look of your teeth when you smile is the first thing that is seen by the audience and can cause relationships to be broken or vice versa to attract people to you and to communicate. Some patients are embarrassed about the appearance of their teeth and never smile. If anyone has such a feeling, he or she must put an end to it because the smile design or the Hollywood smile design is for this purpose. Correction of a smile is done when the patient has healthy teeth but is not satisfied with their appearance. This dissatisfaction may be due to the malformed or discolored teeth or, in some cases, their unusual size. In these situations, a smile design, a method in the aesthetic field of dentistry, will help to give your teeth a custom look. The purpose of smile design is to achieve a balanced system that components work well together. The soft tissues of the mouth, teeth, muscles, joints, and bones should all work together to make the smile look more beautiful.

• Patients who want to have a perfect, natural and beautiful smile

The first step in designing a smile is to have a consultation with your dentist to discuss your needs. Your dentist will ask for your medical history and examine your teeth. First of all, the patient’s teeth should be healthy and any problems with dental health must be resolved. For example, the front teeth decay affects the beauty of your smile and must be treated.

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The results are generally long lasting (5 to 15 years)
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Potential risks
Soreness, inflammation or pain, infection (maybe or even non)
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What dental works are involved in smile designing?

Smile designing is a combination of these procedures: bleaching or teeth whitening, gum whitening, crown lengthening, dental laminate, crown, etc. Under complicated situations other procedures like dental implants, dental bridges and orthodontics may be added too. Each of these procedures has its conditions. For your convenience and clarification, we have explained them in detail on our website.  

Can a general dentist do the procedure of smile designing?

Some procedures of smile designing can be done by a general dentist but pay attention to that this treatment is in the category of cosmetic dentistry so it is recommended to visit a cosmetic dentist.  The dentist you choose must be experienced and use the latest technologies to design your smile. With this, the likelihood of problems and complications will be reduced. 

How much does smile designing cost on average?

Look as we said above, smile designing is not a single procedure and its price completely depends on the number of procedures that your teeth need. So as a result, it is almost impossible to determine the cost of smile designing as a combined procedure before the examination of your teeth. However, if you have decided and you want to plan your expenses and manage them, you can visit our website to see our prices.

Is smile designing considered only as cosmetic dentistry?

No. It is in the cosmetic dentistry category but it has a therapeutic function too. For example, having malpositioned teeth can cause dangerous problems for your oral cavity and jaws but orthodontics can fix it. Smile designing can cure the gummy smile disease which means when you smile your gums are shown more than your teeth. So as you see, beauty is largely interconnected with our health. By returning health to your gums and teeth, you take a big step toward beauty. 

By what standards will my smile be designed in a dental clinic?

Professional cosmetic dentists in dental clinics use special software and a computer to design your smile and consider all of the factors to enhance the beauty of your teeth. Like your natural teeth color, the color of your gums, the length of your front teeth, etc. The whole process is called digital smile designing.

Can I have my desired designed smile?

Thanks to the progress in technology in dentistry, your dentist can design your desired smile. But it is not unlimited. Your dentist chooses the best smile by considering all the cosmetic factors. So he/she first examines your oral cavity and then guide you and choose the best smile among thousands of them.

Almost always your choice and your dentist’s opinion is similar to each other but if not, it is highly recommended to let your experienced dentist work on your smile. If your dentist is experienced enough, rely on him/her and be sure that the results will be satisfactory. So choose the best dentist, work on your smile, enjoy your smile designing procedure and at last please smile more and let your teeth be shown and shine!

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