Teeth whitening or bleaching

Teeth whitening or bleaching is a treatment in which the dentist removes discoloration and pigments that overtime or genetically distorts the color of teeth.

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Length of stay

Home The Same Day

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Length of procedure

30 Minutes to 2 Hours

What is teeth whitening or bleaching?

In personal and social communications, a pretty smile plays an important role in people’s success. Healthy and white teeth have a great effect on people’s smiles. On the other side, discolored and irregular teeth, create an undesirable image in the audience’s mind, unconsciously and indirectly affects success negatively. A cosmetic process called tooth whitening or bleaching aims to whiten the color of the tooth. Although it does not completely convert dental color to white, it lightens the teeth color to a high degree without damaging its surface. The result of bleaching is not permanent, but it can last between several months to three years, and the duration varies between one patient and another. It lasts for a longer period if the person does not take materials that stain the tooth. The most common factors that cause tooth discoloration are tobacco and beverages like tea, coffee, and red wine. Also, aging along with thinning the enamel and not paying attention to teeth cleanings make teeth darker.

• Patients with Discolored or stained teeth due to different reasons

Before teeth whitening, patients need to make sure all of their teeth are healthy and dental caries must be treated, because the materials used can reach the internal parts of the teeth through damaged areas. In such cases, the teeth can become sensitive. Also, they should talk to the dentist about the choices they have to whiten their teeth. The dentist may examine the patient: taking a health and dental history (including allergies and sensitivities), observe hard and soft tissues, placement and conditions of restorations, and sometimes orders x-ray imaging to determine the nature and depth of possible irregularities. Teeth whitening is not effective for teeth whose roots are exposed, and which do not have an enamel layer. Also, teeth whitening is not effective in cases of old filling, crowns, or porcelain veneer. The bleaching substance cannot penetrate the deposits that accumulate on the teeth; therefore, for successfully reach the outer surface of the teeth, the dentist needs to clean the teeth before whitening treatment. After cleaning your teeth, the dentist can start whitening treatment.

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Mild or non
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Duration of results
Depends on many patient’s factors
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Potential risks
Maybe soreness or some more sensitivity for first days
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No scar

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