What is a Hollywood Smile Makeover or Smile Design?

What is a Hollywood Smile Makeover or Smile Design?

Smile Design or Hollywood smile Makeover is a cosmetic process in dentistry that makes your teeth shiny and white and adds to their beauty :

hollywood smile


smile design at a glance



Length of stay in hospital

Home the same day


Local or maybe general

Length of procedure



2 to 3 days


From $1500


Mild or non

Duration of results

The results are generally long-lasting (5 to 15 years)

Potential risks

soreness, inflammation or pain, infection (maybe or even non)

The effect of a beautiful smile on our appearance and confidence is none of us, and in recent years the field of cosmetic dentistry has witnessed significant advances. Smiling is one of the primary ways to communicate with others. The look of your teeth when you smile is the first thing that is seen by the audience and can cause relationships to be broken or vice versa to attract people to you and to communicate. Some patients are embarrassed about the appearance of their teeth and never smile. If anyone has such a feeling, he or she must put an end to it because the smile design or the Hollywood smile design is for this purpose.

Correction of a smile is done when the patient has healthy teeth but is not satisfied with their appearance. This dissatisfaction may be due to the malformed or discolored teeth or, in some cases, their unusual size. In these situations, a smile design, a method in the aesthetic field of dentistry, will help to give your teeth a custom look.

The purpose of smile design is to achieve a balanced system that components work well together. The soft tissues of the mouth, teeth, muscles, joints, and bones should all work together to make the smile look more beautiful.

Smile design candidates

  • Patients who want to have a perfect, natural and beautiful smile

Types of procedures used in smile design

  • Orthodontics: In this method, the teeth and braces are applied to the teeth for a relatively long time to move the teeth in the correct position.
  • Dental implants: This procedure is for people who have lost one or more teeth. The dental implants are just like natural teeth, and in addition to making their appearance more beautiful, they help patients chew and talk.
  • Teeth whitening or bleaching: Bleaching can correct a smile if the teeth are in their natural position and the only problem is their bad color.
  • Laminate or veneer: Laminate or veneer are used to resolve problems such as the gap between teeth, cracks, and other such problems that are not serious and acute. The thickness of the laminate is about the size of the egg’s skin and is very similar to normal teeth. The laminates are attached to the surface of the tooth by special adhesives.
  • Achieving the golden ratio: The goal of all smile design treatments is to achieve the golden ratio. The golden ratio means that all teeth are in the correct and natural position and the upper and lower teeth should be aligned.

Smile design pre-operative instructions

The first step in designing a smile is to have a consultation with your dentist to discuss your needs. Your dentist will ask for your medical history and examine your teeth. First of all, the patient’s teeth should be healthy and any problems with dental health must be resolved. For example, the front teeth decay affects the beauty of your smile and must be treated.

Smile design procedure

After evaluating oral health, the dentist chooses a method or combination of several therapies based on the severity of the existing problems and, of course, the patient’s wishes and plans them to be performed with the help of the patient. To make a beautiful smile, the dentist will also consider all the facial elements such as hair color, shape and appearance of the tooth, gum tissue and lips to choose the best procedures.

Smile design post-operative instructions

In general, after this procedure, patients should pay more attention to their oral health. In addition to brushing twice a day, daily flossing your teeth and mouthwash are also recommended.


Body Location

Oral cavity

How Performed

To create a beautiful smile, the dentist will choose the right method by considering all facial components, hair color, tooth shape and appearance, gum tissue, toothpaste, and lips. After evaluation of oral health and considering the teeth problems, the best method will be chosen according to the dentist’s preference and also confirmation of person and will be applied.


Generally, after this procedure, patients need to pay more attention to their oral hygiene. Also, daily flossing, brushing the teeth twice a day and rinsing with an antibacterial mouthwash is recommended.


A more beautiful smile with better teeth


First of all, the patient’s teeth should be healthy and any problems with dental health must be resolved like the front teeth decays are very effective in the smile’s beauty and should be corrected.

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