Which type of breast implant is the best

Some women have smaller breasts than they like. Sometimes this happens after pregnancy, breastfeeding and severe weight loss; sometimes it is genetic or physiological. Some people also have asymmetric breasts. In contrast, some women may lose one or both of their breasts due to breast cancer (mastectomy). This surgery can help women increase their self-esteem and improve their self-image.

Breast Implant Meaning

A breast implant is a cosmetic prosthesis that is inserted into the breast to correct the shape, size, and structure of the breasts.


what type of breast implant is the safest

Breast implant types available

Breast implants can contain compounds such as saline (salt solution), silicone or other compounds. However, only saline and silicone-based implants have been approved by the US FDA. Both implants are embedded in a silicone shell.

Each of these implants has its own advantages. Saline-based implants can be used in women over 18 years of age, while silicone-based implants have been approved in women over 22 years of age. On the other hand, many women feel that silicone implants look more natural and resemble natural breast tissue.

How breast implant is done

Before surgery, the surgeon should help the patient choose the size and shape of the implant needed. This choice depends on many factors such as the dimensions and contours of your body. It is important to talk to your surgeon about your wishes. Some surgeons may even have specific computer software that lets you see how you look like with implant in different sizes and then decide.

During breast implant surgery, general anesthesia is usually used to keep the patient asleep during surgery. Sometimes, local anesthesia is used and the patient is awake.

which type of breast implant is the best

Incision options of the breast implant

There are 4 different incisions for breast implant placement:

• Below the breast and at the fold below the breast

• Around the areola (pigmented skin surrounding a nipple)

• In the armpit

• Through the belly button

Many implants are placed around the nipple or under the breast by incision. The advantage of these areas is that the surgeon can more successfully place the breast implant in the right place. This makes the end result better and more natural. Another benefit is that these areas can hide the cut and suture well as if you’ve never had surgery on your breasts.

Inserting and placing a breast implant

Implants may lie beneath or above the pectoralis muscle. Most surgeons place the breast implant beneath the breast muscle because it gives it a more natural final shape. It is also a better choice for women who are leaner or women who are seeking bigger implants. Implants that are placed directly under the breast skin and on the muscle, appear larger and rounder and more similar to implants. Women with weak breasts can eliminate the need for breast lift surgery by placing implants on the muscle.

Closing the incisions after breast implant

The surgeon closes the incision sites by suturing the breast tissue after the work is completed. The sutures, tissue adhesives, and surgical tape close the skin and keep it closed until it is fully repaired. At first, the cut lines will be noticeable but will fade with time.

can breast implant cause pain

Breast implant and risks

Implants can have short-term and long-term risks and complications, which in most cases are not serious. However, women who are considering breast augmentation with implants should be aware of these complications. Short-term complications are mostly surgical complications that include breast or nipple pain, infection, swelling and bruising. U.S. FDA studies show that these complications occur more frequently in women with reoperation and usually do not occur in the first operation. Silicone-based implants produce less pain than saline-based implants.

Women with saline-based implants will immediately know if their implant break and they will easily remove it but many women with silicone gel implants are unaware that their implants are broken. Which is why it’s important to report any problem and do regular checkups after augmentation. Magnetic resonance imaging is the most accurate way to detect a rupture. Mammograms are often inaccurate in detecting rupture, and if an implant is already broken, the pressure from a mammogram could cause the silicone gel from the implant to leak outside the capsule.

can breast implant moved out place

Breast implant and recovery

The technology of breast implantation has been developed to such an extent that it can seem quite natural. The end result, however, depends directly on your choices. It is important to choose a good resume specialist and plastic surgeon in this field. An experienced plastic surgeon performs breast augmentation tailored to your body size as well as your individual goals.

Some women who have breast implants may later decide to have them removed because of specific complications or dissatisfaction with the outcome. The good news is that implants can be removed or reconstructed without any problems.

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